How To Groom Your Dog as an ESA?

Do you have a pet or an emotional support animal?
Is it a cat or a dog?
Well, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that your pet or your ESA keeps you happy by helping you with depression and stress.
While your emotional support animal assists you in almost every task, you are responsible for keeping your animal clean and tidy. When I chose Leo as my emotional support animal, I was really happy. Leo used to go everywhere with me whether it was running, shopping or on vacations.
Bathing your dog regularly is an important aspect of pet care. Some breeds have a thick coat. Dogs don’t stay in one place. They love to play and run. The backyard of my house was Leo’s favorite spot as well.
That is why their fur coat becomes dirty in no time. It is necessary to give them a bath to get rid of the dirt and unpleasant odor because of the accumulated dirt.
It’s not necessary that you have to give a bath to your pet every second day. When you feel like they need a clean fur, bath your pet.
Another advantage of brushing your dog’s hair regularly is that this way you will slide off the excess dirt on their coat. This will reduce the frequency of baths and you won’t have to worry about giving a bath to your dog every second day.
I wanted to take care of my ESA myself instead of taking it to a vet clinic as I had to take my emotional support dog letter on every visit. I took some advice from a vet clinic regarding grooming my dog safely.
If you are thinking of doing the same, here is a tip for you.
· Never point the scissors directly towards your dog. It might scare your pet.
· Reward your pet or ESA with a treat to encourage positive behavior.
Your pet or ESA does a lot for you. This is your turn to pay them back with something they love.